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Welcome to yesterday. Welcome to tomorrow. Welcome to Artist Lane…

Any story can successfully be told in many different ways within a single communication medium such as text, sound, image, sculpture, dance, song, music, theater, opera, animation, film, etc.

Over time, gifted storytellers have discovered, developed, and mastered the narrative ‘grammar’ and ‘language’ of each medium so as to tell a story with the maximum effect possible within the expressive limitations of that medium. With every truly new medium, this process of discovery, development, and mastery of the narrative grammar specific to that new medium needs to be repeated, almost from scratch.

For film, this started in the early 1890s, soon after the invention of the technology of ‘moving pictures’. The process of discovering, developing and mastering the ‘grammar’ or ‘language’ of film took decades. Arguably, some discovery and polishing is still occurring on to this day. Paralleling the way radio had transposed theatrical plays into radio plays before it, the earliest narrative films were silent, black & white recordings of short, acted vignettes performed on a theatrical stage before a static camera, punctuated with placards and accompanied by an expressive piano score. It took many years, many trial & error experiments, several genius pioneering directors that like to go from there to a fully-fledged narrative film grammar with dolly shots, close-ups, crane shots, extreme close-ups, eye-line match, cutaways, straight cuts, jump cuts, reaction shots, FPV shots, cross-cutting, fade-in & fade-out, dissolves, zoom effects, sound effects, slow-motion, time-lapse, visual effects, associative and dialectic editing, radical subjective continuity, etc. etc. etc.

For the new medium of VR –as well as its siblings AR and MR– the same is happening right now. With VR though, thanks to similar experiences with radio and film, it will not take decades. In fact, at Artist Lane Productions, we believe that we already have cataloged, developed and are well on our way to mastering the new narrative grammar that is specific, exclusive and unique to VR, as it develops… Our team, together, with the expertise from each of our fields’ are the among the most experienced, most advanced, most ‘ahead’ in terms of mastery of the most-complete-to-date ‘grammar’ of VR for scripted, narrative and unscripted content. In other words, we are among the best of today’s VR storytellers in terms of knowing and using the full known range of expressive capabilities of VR for the purpose of engaging storytelling. vr

With over thirty years of combined experience in film, television, theatre and VR/AR/MR Artist Lane Productions is breaking through technological, immersive and experiential entertainment to bring audiences new and exciting content, accessible to anyone

Our team’s experience across all media platforms breaks through boundaries and perceived limitations. We develop and produce new VR, AR and MR content and for a sneak peak of whats ahead, we will be inviting you to experience the universe, the past and the future, in ways you have never experienced anything before.

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