Artist Lane CEO to Discuss Integration of VR at Seoul Summit

Staff Events

June 26, 2017 – Artist Lane CEO Marisa Sommerville will provide an overview of future of VR/mixed reality and traditional entertainment media consumption in her discussion of “Integration of VR, Broadcast, and Reality Content Entertainment” the upcoming Virtual Reality Summit in Seoul. She’ll explain how major networks and content providers such as NBC, ABC, Fox, CBS, Netflix etc. approach VR today. They all want in the mix. In 1928 the FRC (now FCC) issued the first broadcast television license. Less than 80 years later, there are over 300 cable networks and television broadcasters. Today, AppleTV is making available 360-degree videos via Twitter’s Periscope Global Map and more live sporting events are being added to Samsung Gear VR, UFC, Soccer, Basketball and Golf. How will cable networks and broadcasters stay in the game?

To answer this question, Sommerville will discuss current projects that integrate broadcast VR and reality-content entertainment including: With Mixed Reality Projects currently in development in which viewers at home, experience the show from the POV of the players and are able to watch, on their TV’s or smart devices, the world seen by the participants. Projects under development include CyberBattle, MUSIC VIDEO BATTLE VR and AVATAR MATCHMAKER VR.

See VIRTUAL REALITY SUMMIT for more information.